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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London


Maha Ahmed is a Pakistani artist living and working between Lahore and
London. She graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. After receiving the Caspian Arts Foundation Scholarship she completed her postgraduate degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.
Much like the emergence of sand dunes, her work attempts to create order out of chaos. It is continuously in progress, perpetually evolving. The shape and size of the dune isn’t entirely produced on its discretion; it is the direction and strength of the wind – external to its being – that acts as the decisive factor. The ephemeral nature of material is such that there is a small moment in which it can be controlled, her intention however, is to be a mediator between the medium and surface.
In essence her work is quite pragmatic and practical but her theoretical concerns lie with the constant awareness of the self in relation to the other. Addressing the presence of another, standing on the outside automatically exposes the self to a magnitude of interpretation and introspection. This empirical consciousness prompts the participation of an audience in her practice. She directs the viewer to question this unseen wall in both her painting and installation work.


2015 Aestivation – Annex Studio’s, Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom
2015 Graduate Degree Show – Lethaby Gallery, United Kingdom
2015 Big Space – Central Saint Martins, London United Kingdom
2015 Auction – Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom
2014 A-Visible – Satrang Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
2014 Out of the box – Fringe Art Fair, Bath, United Kingdom
2013 Group Show – Chawkandi Art, Karachi, Pakistan
2013 Not Everyone Talks – Satrang Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan.
2013 Tomorrow: Today – Bargehouse, OXO Tower, London, United Kingdom
2013 Blackout – The Drawing Room, Lahore, Pakistan
2013 Three is not a Crowd – Rohtas II, Islamabad, Pakistan
2012 Divergence – The Drawing Room, Lahore, Pakistan
2012 Labrintour – Satrang Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
2012 000 Boxes – No Format Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
2012 Out of the Box – Ink Spot Press, Brighton, United Kingdom
2012 Emerging Talent – VM Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2012 Undergraduate Degree Show – National College of Art, Lahore, Pakistan
2010 Young Artists Exhibition – Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore, Pakistan
2008 Transformation, Zahoor-ul-ikhlaq Gallery. National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

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