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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Rikki Turner: You and Me

Display Gallery is proud do present Rikki Turner’s first solo show in the UK. Through processes of formation, structuring and decomposition, the works presented in You and Me are imbued with a sense of physicality and the remnant working of hands. The paintings explore gaps between the surface and the subsequent transference. According to Thierry de Duve “Its use of you and me to mean all of us. Is one of the most poetic, beautiful and profound tropes”.


In the series of works, material gestures are mediated and expressed in a cyclic perpetual loop of continuity. Processes of application, removal, placement and replacement, make this activity a kind of private choreography, documenting time, and shifts of visual tensions between surface, materiality and illusion. Ever-repeated imprints assimilate in layers, imbuing the images with a sameness or apparent loop-like quality. Individual components come together to form a semblance of a whole. There is a desire to expose subtleties of variation within the formed set of perimeters, allowing the incidental, chance and randomness, to be significant in their form. Serial repetition is less a matter of counterpointing sameness and difference and more a matter of weaving a never-ending network of associations.


About the Artist:


Rikki Turner was born in Hastings East Sussex, she received her BA at University Of Westminster (2009), and her MA at Central St Martins (2015) Her paintings and prints engage with the idea of an inner perception or an unfolding visual language, constantly perplexed and fascinated by the notion of something beneath a surface or the image alluding to another space or dimension.