Display London

26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Klasse Doig

20 students of Peter Doig’s Dusseldorf Academy Klasse load their work into a waiting transit van. The driver sleeps before the long drive to London’s Display Gallery.

Final check commences….

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“5 hammocks…a deflated cloud…a surfer with a vibrator necklace.. Eddie Murphy…A used book of post-it-notes, “white wine, bread and cheese” A doorway for the clinically insane…4h penetration of the centrefold… the hair that blocked the drain that caused the flood…a spleet in the sky… 001101100100011011110001010010101…a Haitian curse… a B&W A&F curtain, unmade…the eye strain from looking through a keyhole of a locked Koln door…a signed screaming for vengeance LP,”With love K.K. Downing, rock on!”…bottled pheromone of a bureaucrat after agreeing to your overdraft…a hare in the headlights…lower fourth teacher in a short skirt… the golden section of toxic waste and 5 barrels Altbier… check.


Steigt in den Van!
Steigt in den Van!”


Across London at the Michael Werner gallery Professor Doig will be showing his early work, some made when he was a student. At the Display Gallery his students will be showing their work, which at a latter date will be their early work but now is pure imminence.