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26 Holborn Viaduct
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Gabriel Klasmer: A Group Show


Display Gallery is proud to present ‘Gabriel Klasmer: A Group Show’ an eclectic exhibition curated by Naomi Friedman, showcasing new works from Klasmer’s prolific oeuvre in his first UK solo show since 2007. Gabriel Klasmer is an accomplished and celebrated artist, whose work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in some major collections such as the Museum Of Modern Art in New York and the Tel Aviv Museum.


Starting out in the 1970’s, Klasmer’s initial practice centred around performative and conceptual works, often as part of the duo “Gabi and Sharon Present”. His artistic production developed in the 1980’s to include painting and sculpture, much of which was the perceptible product of solitary conceptual and performative studio practice that experimented with a multitude of materials and processes.


Klasmer’s oeuvre offers a vast array of subjects, techniques and mediums. These range from monochromatic paintings, geometric abstracts and ‘mechanical paintings’ produced using self-made, low-tech painting devices to his anonymous portraiture painted from fleeting memory without an actual model. He has also created photographic, video and diverse sculptural works using low tech materials, such as heads and torsos made of compressed aluminium foil and inflatable bubbles using polyethylene, PVC and electric fans.


Reflection on both the works themselves as well as on the scholarly writings about Klasmer’s practice produces little in the way of a clear-cut definition. While his position and concepts are consistent, his many styles and subjects are often seemingly incongruous. Consequently, this exhibition aims to free Klasmer from attempts to define the thread running through his artistic production; instead it is a one-man group show celebrating the diversity of Klasmer’s work.