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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Andrew Cranston

Who is this who is coming?

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Display Gallery present paintings of Andrew Cranston made in–or over – the last ten years. Andrew Cranston is a storyteller of sorts, without a clear story to tell, staging scenarios that often involve the human figure absorbed in particular activities and in specific, usually interior, spaces: cavernous elaborate stately rooms, or oppressive cells, cabins, artists studios. His subject broadly is space itself, all ‘species of spaces’ as George Perec would have it.His work springs from various sources: direct observation, photography, film stills, paintings, literary descriptions, anecdotes, jokes and so on.  It is the spatial aspect imbedded or suggested by these various scenarios that especially interests Cranston, that the space itself is a kind of story.   Make a sales enquiry: info@displaygallery.co.uk