Display London

26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Sara Naim

The body is central to Sara Naim’s multidisciplinary work. Within this broad theme, she focuses on interior and exterior tensions, and the body in relation to perception. Her understandings of these are rooted in sight, which involves more than simply the physiological qualities of seeing. Naim claims that the basis of reality and the language of human experience are governed by sensuality and dictated by the tactile, or our sense of touch. Her subject, the artists own dead skin cells, produces a discontinuity with our own body, and alludes to a segment of landscape or other organic forms. The mismatch between perception and expectation challenges the viewer’s understanding of my subject matter. Highlighting the disjunction of the innate and the foreign invites the audience to speculate the work’s galactic poten­tial, and allows Sara to visually address a formal truth of matter: Both the minute and the vast share the same content and space.

Sara Naim (born 1987, London) is a Syrian visual artist who currently works in London. She recently graduated from the MFA at The Slade School of Fine Art (2014), and previously completed her Bachelors in Photography from London College of Communication. Recent exhibitions include a solo show in Dubai’s Gallery 1, Pavilion Downtown (2012), and group shows ‘Hindsight’ at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen (2014), ‘Au Lait! Quand l’Art Déborde’ at Lab’Bel Gallery, Jura (2012), and various others in Cologne, Arles, Guernsey, London, Malaysia and Dubai.

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