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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

The Finsbury Park Deltics

Paul has been drawing ever since he burst forth, urgent and confused, from a municipal bed into England. Initially he doodled as a way of alleviating childhood angst; now he does it as a way of alleviating angst that’s all grown up and running around with scissors.

Working in a variety of media, he parodies mass culture by exaggerating formal aspects inherent in our society. He makes work that sometimes appears idiosyncratic and quirky; at other times a by-product of Western hyper-consumption; yet more, humorously indecent.

His artworks are given improper functions; implications are contrary, form and content merge. Shapes are dissociated from their original meaning and the system in which they normally function is thereby exposed. Initially unambiguous meanings are shattered and disseminate endlessly. By putting the viewer on the wrong track, he gently prods various overlapping themes and strategies, with several recurring ideas (class, provocation, violence, family and sexual desire) eventually being throttled..


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