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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Pascal Rousson

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From painting, to sculpture and installation to ready made objects, there’s a great diversity in his work. Irony is a constant component, also the use of popular culture and found objects. He uses references to art history to try and highlight or understand today’s problems. 

Important factor in Rousson’s artistic practice is the influence stemming from cultural elements. Rousson’s fascination with Mexican visual culture is apparent in the stylistic representation of his exhibited works: bright rich colours, ghostly skull images as well as somewhat playful and ‘cartoonish’ and ‘comic-like’ drawing technique

Rousson’s greatest source of inspiration stems from the brilliance of art itself-its renowned masters, movements or even specific works of art. In his works Rousson frequently reproduces styles and concepts that were practiced by his admired artists and plays with subjects present in their art. 

Born in Lyon in 1963. Graduated from Beaux Arts de Lyon in 1985, and from Geneva School of Visual Art in 1991. Pascal now lives and works in London.

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