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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Oliver Hickmet

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Addressing concepts of mass taste and high culture, and sampling content from both, Hickmet’s practice questions the role this imagery plays in forming our globalised culture. Reality and artifice are explored in a play of imagery and surface that question the appearance of things. The works negotiate the believability of the represented image between the falsehood of immediate effects and the revelation of authenticity in the material. One is also invited to reflect on their relationship with the vestiges of the natural world in everyday life. In this uncertain territory between illusion and the real, Hickmet’s work seeks to unwrap how we have remade the world by gathering its sensory and imaginative excess, lending a kitsch truth to materiality.

 Oliver Hickmet is a London based artist whose work deals with the questionable surface of reality and our highly mediated experience of life, using painting and video in his practice to generate points of reflection.

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