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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Mathias Vef

Mathias Vef was born in Germany and works in Berlin and London after having studied at the Royal College of Arts in the class of Anthony Dunne, Noam Toran and Fiona Raby. His work has been exhibited in shows in London, Berlin, New York, Sydney and Kulala Lumpur.

“I am exploring our common and consent narratives that are being rewritten while we face the dawn of the Age of Entanglement. The story lines that seem to be changed from given to created and towards control and understanding – but through incognizable complexity. For the first time we as beings that we’ve created, enter a world that we’ve created, within a reality that we’ve created – but shambolic and without control. I try to alloy these amusing contradictions to visual speculations and finds a mite of understanding within all the messy phenomena.”

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