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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Mara Kanthak

Mara Kanthak is an architect based in London. Her project “Si le Soleil ne Revenait pas” recounts the dystopian story of an Alpine village fearing the sun won’t return after one long winter in which the village, located in the Rhône valley and overshadowed by the highest Swiss mountains, does not receive direct sunlight. The scenario of the disappearing sun incites the villagers to devise architectures and infrastructures of preparation in different scales that stage and cherish shadow, darkness and the diminished light. The project was included in the “Dean’s list for excellence in design” at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Mara Kanthak studied Architecture in Berlin and London. In London, at the UCL, Bartlett she completed the MArchitecture programme funded by DAAD and Neufert-Stiftung with a distinction. Her approach to architecture is based in experiment. Inspired by literature and theatrical performance, narration and speculation on culture, societies, ecosystems, landscapes and technologies form important drivers for her work.

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