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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Konrad Wyrebek

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Interested in idealized worlds. Many of his works  – including the new circular paintings – feature hyper-bright colours that represent dreams, targets and ambitions. Often these aims are impossible ideals of perfection, so it’s important that the zones are faded into each other; elusive. He believes our ambitions are the same: what we aim for can quickly become somewhere else. Paintings such as ‘Young Slaves’ and the sculpture ‘Three Graces’ explore the possibility that the ideals we’re aiming for can enslave us. Our culture places high value on celebrity, fashion, youth and beauty. Super-perfect images and messages – celebrating and advertising these targets – are all around us, and our attempts to attain at least some of that ‘perfection’, whether through shopping, sex or body transformation, can trap us in work, debt and limited ways of thinking.Konrad Wyrebek was born in Check Repulic, he now ives and works in London, UK.

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