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Jonah Gebka

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Jonah Gebka lives and works temporary in Helsinki, Finland, he studies since 2010 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany.

The origin of his current work is some sort of infatuation. It starts off as a superficial attraction to a found image which can in time develop into a more complex relationship. This relationship is characterized by a nervous suspicion of the initial attraction and an attempt to see what actually remains after putting down the “rose – coloured glasses.

Jonah Gebka uses different strategies to try and empty the images, exploring how far he can go before the initial spark is lost. By exposing the images’ fragility and studying its boundaries, he finds hidden layers and unforeseen corners; something that surprises. But sometimes, when an image cannot endure these operations, it collapses instead, exposing itself as little more than a pretty face.

The results of these experiments are mostly drawings on paper, which form a loose collective sharing one title, Helsinki Drawings.

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