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Jenny Forster

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Jenny Forster lives and works in Munich, she received her Diploma in Painting from the Academy of Arts Munich, Germany 2012.

Jenny Forster`s current work focusses on questions upon the dissolution and transformation of cemented worlds of form and sphere of imagination. It is about the changes of nature as well as about the equally continuously varying world of mental spaces and human patterns of thought. She is interested in the intrinsic correlation and contrary of nature and mind, and in the nature of the mind, which even in its seemingly furthest distance, the so-called “dead” nature, is being reflected. At which point do myths and science meet? And how does a painter, relate to the human construction of the world? Is it actually possible to get closer to the world by putting or taking of paint onto a piece of cloth or paper? And is this a painter’s illusion or all the more the illusions destruction?

Starting from an idea, a glimpse of a painting, the actual piece then emerges through a long working process. Jenny Forster often uses elements of an orderly state as a starting point, such as scientific drawings or maps. She paints them over, uncover and layer them, wash them out, overrule them, until space develops in the painting. The begin up is a very concrete sources, the result becomes an open space in which the observer can move freely. These painted realms remember mostly upon landscape – inner and outer – thinking, so the portrayed comes to be in limbo, powerful and uncertain at the same time. The work probably does stand close to the question of an actual state – or a process of getting close to a simultaneous state of existence.

Recent exhibitions include: IDFX stichting idee fixe, Kunstverein Breda (NL); atmosphere, Galerie Lesmeister Regenburg; SIM artists in residence, Reykjavik, Iceland

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