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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Isabel de Laborde

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Isabel de Laborde´s works are made of pieces built with papers she paints, dyes, and engraves, using pigments, inks and colors, to which she adds irregular frames made of balsa wood. With the same material, she constructs figures attached to one another by magnets. Within her own artistic production,  she seeks to create pieces that link her work with several disciplines at the same time. In the intersections with Architecture the artist mutates from the geometric to the organic. A gesture of folding and unfolding both in the conception, as well as in the realisation can be found in her work. In this sense, the assembling of each of her pieces is randomly executed. She works within a zone that allows the intervention of the viewer, thus, becoming an active part in the process, too.

These works of hers proclaim a certain weightlessness. Isabel calls them kites. When we look upon these Kite Kits, our fantasy takes off, for the artist offers us the tools for us to become in turn, artists for a while.

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