Display London

26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Greta Hauer

Greta Hauer is a Designer living and working in London who graduated at the Royal College of Art in 2014. In her practice she is rethinking environments and institutions using an extensive research into a place, condition and history. By deconstructing codes and conventions she considers the public realm as a resource. This often results in a multidimensional work and the creation of a scripted space – using mediums such as film, performances and objects.Her displayed project ‘Inside The Embassy’ explores the possibility of a Diplomatic Mission representing individuals and not a country. Inspired by the event of people seeking shelter within extraterritorial zones she used interventions to outsource typologies of representation and improvised systems. Within a community centre in South London – a hub for social gathering and multitude citizenship – specific events are used as an instrument to render identity and cultural patterns of each member. Their Social backgrounds are translated into a symbolic language and reveal a zone of representation when transposed into the context of a home.Within those activities props become agents reflecting on the commonalities of the members – a tropical background, immigration status and their neighbourhood. Flowers, laws and daylights articulate a new notion of what the embassy can be.

Recent exhibitions include: SHOW RCA London, ‘Light, Materiality’ at Britannia House London, ‘Atmosphere and Membranes’ at Britannia House London

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