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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Ewelina Kolaczek

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Ewelina Kolaczek is a Polish-American, London-based multi-medium artist with a focus on glass sculpture, installations and performance. Her work intentionally eludes confinement to a specific medium trying to force people to look beyond form and use art as an excuse to experience and test a complex bundle of emotions and thoughts.

A series of pieces that marry the beauty of the natural world and a fascination with artificial materials. Inspired by staring at a half frozen stream in the mountains and also by plastic bags trapped in trees and streams.

What would happen if… celebrates the beauty of the forms of naturally formed mountains, and the billowing, plump changeable form of the humble plastic bag. I wondered what would happen if the bags themselves were a natural material, full in shape, what would the inside look like, what would this species feel like? The lines between artificial form and organic textures are blurred and played upon. Each piece has been specially sandblasted with a fine grit to make a outter surface surprisingly velvety to the touch.

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