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26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Claudia Barthoi

Claudia Barthoi studied Fine Art, but soon after switched to a graphic design school. After graduating she started working in advertising, where she quickly developed a career. 10 years and numerous national and international prizes later, she decided to return to art. Barthoi first worked on sculptures and drawings on paper and undertook a multifaceted engagement with the visual art of the post-war years. She studied at renowned art schools in Hamburg, Berlin and New York and developed her own pictorial language. Not long after she had her first exhibitions in off-spaces like the Galerie Hinterkonti or the Studio Ladezone Freihalten in Hamburg.. In 2005 she was accepted into the “Flatfiles” of the Pierogi2000 gallery in New York, where she continues to be represented to this day. The following years she developed more and more larger works, gradually leaving the pure medium of paper and starting to produce works on linen. She layers delicate papers collage-style with a needle and thread or uses adhesive techniques, mostly on loose hanging works. Barthoi’s development from her beginnings until today can be recognised clearly in her works. Yet she has remained true to her principle: hold yourself to as few rules as possible.

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