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26 Holborn Viaduct
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Anja Priska

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Since 2009, monkeys occupy an increasingly important role in Anja Priska’s work. The primate, for early Christians a sign of the devil, heresy and paganism, has always been an ancient metaphor for various, almost always negative, human character traits. Paradoxically, monkeys are often also stereotypically described as “sassy” or “crafty” in those very same cultures.

Her monkeys are neither stupid nor crafty; they represent the human being in its original state – playful, all to itself. Our bare existence reduced to lusting attention, sympathy and looks. In contrast to the old Flemish and their satire on vanity, her work is based on very human childlike monsters that act both cute and repulsive; a bunch of non-arrogant creatures that crave for love, which they may or may not deserve.

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